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Complete Industrial IoT Infrastructure: Receive Data From Sensors & Devices

by Dane Witbeck, 2016-01-03

Businesses every day are losing critical data from their industrial devices, forcing them to essentially be separated from the very devices they created or installed in the first place.

By connecting these devices to the “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)", businesses regain access to vital data (e.g. Alarm Status) that they need to monitor and analyze these devices.

Benefit From:
Receive Previously Lost Critical Data. Know the alarm status, battery, fault status of thousands of your industrial devices...right at your fingertips.

Cost Savings. Become more efficient servicing these industrial devices. Plan your route based on the immediate needs of fixing the device, and no longer be surprised by a sudden device failure.

Data to Help Keep Workers Safe. Get the data you need to avoid mishaps, preventatively monitor & control your devices.

Meshify offers complete Industrial IoT infrastructure, end-to-end from hardware to software.

complete industrial iot infrastructure

For quickest deployment, Meshify has built connectivity hardware as well as the full software infrastructure that runs the devices. However, as a “software-first” company Meshify works with many other types of hardware and can work with your completely custom-built hardware as well, to offer you a complete industrial IoT infrastructure. The back-end software can be configured right in the browser to create user roles and permissions, brand the solution, show custom data visualizations, and send commands to devices.

To learn more about Meshify's Complete IIoT Platform and how it can help you ensure compliance and increase optimization, please view our demo on our home page:

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