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LoRa IoT: A Simple Way to Connect & Analyze Your Devices

by Klara Vatten, 2016-01-04

Meshify has developed an industry leading LoRa deployment option, providing you more choices for your upcoming IoT application.

Briefly, LoRa is an up-and-coming low power wireless network that give your company the means to effortlessly scale Industrial Internet of Things in days.

Long Range, Low Power Advantage.

Through Meshify’s industry leading Complete IoT Platform, you can easily integrate new wireless protocols and add new devices from different manufacturers across one single platform. Compare and analyze your data, and monitor all your devices in real-time at the click of a button.

Currently Connecting & Analyzing Devices on Meshify's Complete IoT Platform, A Sample List of Companies:

  • Stallion Oilfield Services
  • Lubrizol
  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Gems Sensors & Controls
  • Marathon Oil

See the visual below of what it would look like if all your data was on one centralized platform.


The Meshify LoRa Option:

To learn more about the technical details of LoRa technology, please visit the LoRa Alliance:

Meshify offers pre-integrated M1 Device (LoRa), allowing you to effortlessly connect your devices to the complete Industrial Internet of Things platform. Included is 4-20 ma or 0-20 Volt sensing over LoRa, and Serial (Modbus or other) communication to LoRa. This enables you to rapidly deploy your IoT Application, complete with Meshify’s 30 Day or Less Guarantee.



To see a full diagram of Meshify’s IoT infrastructure in action, visit


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