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Wall Street Journal Mention Today: "Smart-Device Startups Target Business Customers"

by Dane Witbeck, 2015-12-08

Meshify was mentioned today in the Wall-Street Journal IoT article spotlighting the latest innovations that are impacting industries around the United States: Smart-Device Startups Target Business Customers.

If you're being blocked by the paywall, you can view the excerpt here: "But a rising generation of startups such as Building Robotics Inc., Electric Imp Inc., Helium Systems and Meshify Inc. concentrate on using IoT technology to solve business problems. Like Samsara, these companies approach the market with integrated combinations of hardware, software, and services delivered over the Internet."

It seems like a good time to reflect on 2015. We have grown our business this year significantly with many Enterprise customers and I’m proud of this progress. Meshify has thousands and thousands of connected devices now and as we look to 2016 we are excited to launch a new product (“Meshify NOW”) and continue to help our existing customers grow into their respective markets.

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