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Pilot For Tank Monitoring Solution & Other Updates

by Dane Witbeck, 2013-06-08


Thanks for your referrals and help over the last 3 months! We will continue to ask... If you are aware of a great in-bound marketing expert (lead conversion funnels through web and mobile) seeking contract or full-time work, please let us know!

New Opportunities

This week has seen two new opportunities unfold and one old opportunity roar back. First the new ones! We landed an agreement for a pilot of our tank monitoring solution for a new customer at 10 locations. Second, we agreed to a pilot of our vending machine solution on a dozen machines at my (Dane) old employer (NOV) in conjunction with the contract operator. Both of these solutions are solid proof points for the value proposition in these verticals.

We are out of beta and in full commercial swing with MistAway Systems. The data is pouring in and the usage stats are amazing. Dealers are on this app like crazy.

Here is a quote from a dealer:
"I just got the notification that a system isn't working and it's because the water is off. Its awesome. I will text him to check the water instead of getting a call in a week with a complaint."

Lewis has been overseas working with our satellite office in Kaunas. Things are going well and he has better positioned the company for growing the team there.

Thanks Adam, we'll be seeing you in the fall!

Adam did a great job for us over the last 3 months. He continues to learn and grow as an entrepreneur through working with Rally Software in Colorado. He will be back in the fall.

That's it for the short update! We will miss our friends from Surge that aren't sticking around Houston, but glad many are!

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