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Rice Alliance Web and IT Venture Forum Winners: "Most Promising IT and Web Company"

by Dane Witbeck, 2012-12-11

Rice Alliance Winners!

The only team to walk away with TWO awards...
The 2012 Rice Alliance Web and IT Venture Forum at Rice University last week was a great time. The quality of companies was the highest I've seen in the 3 years I've been attending. We were honored to win not only the "Most Promising IT and Web Company" but also the unexpected "Best NASA cross-over technology" award! Even more exciting than that was the quality customer leads we landed and two possible channel partners.

What keeps us busy?

M2M opportunities abound, first customer landed.

We continue to work with MistAway Systems on implementing Meshify web and mobile apps with their mosquito misting system controller. The project will roll out in 2013 with the start of the season in March. Early customers (dealers of the product) are excited about the opportunity to better serve their customers (end users) through alerts about errors and low chemical warnings.

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